About Us

At Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club (MDBGC) our recipe for accomplishing organizational goals is three-fold.  We involve youth in fun and engaging activities that promote healthy lifestyles, cultivate creative expression, support academic enrichment, foster leadership skills and prepare students for successful transitions to college and career. We connect youth to caring, adult role models who invest in their personal development and maintain high expectations for their performance in the classroom and in the community.  Lastly, we foster a strong sense of belonging to a family-like community of peers who share our 3R values: respect, restraint and responsibility.

To ensure youth the best chance at attaining our vision we have several organizational goals:

  • Make college an expectation and reality for all youth.
  • Level the economic playing field.
  • Encourage critical thinking, teamwork and healthy lifestyles.
  • Produce scholar-athletes.
  • Leverage the power of partnerships and dedication of volunteers.


Our mission is to produce physically active, well-educated and hopeful youth with families at the center of our efforts. We view this as needed to accomplish our vision of stimulating the pursuit of knowledge, attainment of a healthier life and the skills for greatness.

Mathews-Dickey co-founders Mr Mathews & Mr. Dickey


The Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ was founded under a shade tree in St. Louis’ Handy Park by two neighborhood baseball coaches, Martin Luther Mathews and the late Hubert “Dickey” Ballentine, in 1960.  Since then the Club has instilled the values of respect, restraint and responsibility within more than 2 million young people, ages 5 to 18.

Who We Serve

MDBGC is a youth-serving organization that annually offers direct-service programming to 3,000 children and indirect programming to over 10,000 in athletics, education, arts, healthy living and leadership and professional development.