Bob Russell Park

Mathews-Dickey Bob Russell Park

Purpose & Overview of the Three – Year, Three – Part Plan to Renovate North County Fields

Youth surround Co-Founder Martin Mathews and St. Louis Cardinals President Bill DeWitt on field at Mathews-Dickey at Bob Russell Park


If you’ve watched the news or read the paper, you know that now more than ever the children of North County and the entire St. Louis community need activities and interventions to keep them out of harm’s way.  Mathews-Dickey has expanded into North County at the urging of the Mayor of Bellefontaine Neighbors and with support from the Governor’s Office of Community Engagement.  We need your help to renovate the Bob Russell Park owned by Mathews-Dickey at St. Cyr and Bellefontaine Roads.  This project will build opportunities for children to enjoy recreational activities, sportsmanship, character and leadership. The restoration of the 10-field park, adjacent to Ferguson, Dellwood and Moline Acres, creates new opportunities for children to play, stay active and earn funds. It transforms what was formerly an eyesore into a pillar of the community and gives the at-risk youth little free time to find crime-related and other counterproductive activities. Your support will help us:

  • Increase the availability of safe and accessible parks.
  • Reduce the number of at-risk youth committing crimes and violent acts.
  • Increase the number of at-risk youth that remain in school and improve academic performance.
  • Increase the number of at-risk youth that have completed an employment skills education and development program.


Part 1 (2016)

Merge four fields into a Major League Baseball-style field.

Part 2 (2017)

Turn up to four other fields into playable youth baseball and softball fields

Tear down and move dilapidated concession stand between Major League and youth fields

Part 3 (2018)

Merge two fields into multipurpose field for football and soccer.

Tax Credits Can Save You Money

The community benefits when you give and so do you as a donor. That’s because Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club was recently awarded $250,000 in tax credits from the Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) and the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).

These credits provide great tax benefits that make it possible for you to give more and have it cost you less.

To learn more, download the campaign brochure BobRussell_TaxCredit Broc_9-2-15Rv4 . To donate, click here and make a gift of your choice to support Bob Russell Park.