Development Committee

2017 Members

Comprised of area business women, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, the committee represents the Club publicly at various events and functions as well as develops of programs and fund-raising activities for the Club.


The Development Committee was established in 1987 to serve as the primary fund-raising arm for the Girls’ Program. The Committee’s role has expanded to include development of programs and fund-raising activities for both young men and women. Comprising area business women, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, the committee represents the Club publicly at various events and functions. By volunteering their expertise in mentorship programs, career-readiness training and educational seminars, committee members vigorously provide direction and leadership to the entire Mathews-Dickey membership.

Potential Members

Potential members are recommended by the Board of Directors and Development Committee, subject to approval by the Public Relations Department. Members are appointed based on their current involvement in Club programs and activities, reputation and leadership in the St. Louis community, and financial support of the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club. Most important, members are chosen based on an ability to make the best interests of Club members the top priority.


Although the Development Committee is involved with numerous programs and fund-raising activities throughout the year, the Committee’s major fund-raiser is the “Sheer Elegance Luncheon and Fashion Show” which benefits the Girls’ Program. The committee member’s fund-raising efforts have yielded more than $1 million since Sheer Elegance’s inception and were instrumental in making possible the organization’s name change from the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ Club to the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club in 2001.

General guidelines stipulate that the Development Committee shall consist of no more than 60 members in a given year and shall include a maximum of two representatives per company. Requirements for Development Committee members are as follows:

Sheer Elegance

Committee members are required to be actively involved in the Sheer Elegance event and attend regularly scheduled meetings.

Committee members are required to serve a term of at least one-year.

Committee members are required to contribute financially to Sheer Elegance by sponsoring one corporate/general table and by paying an annual membership fee of $100, which entitles them to an eighth-page personal advertisement in the event’s souvenir booklet.

Committee members are encouraged to recruit additional table and advertising sponsors to help guarantee a sell-out event.

Committee members are encouraged to participate in one additional Club project during the calendar year other than Sheer Elegance, such as serving as a hospitality delegate, recruiting sponsors and volunteers, mentoring young women, providing workshops, etc.
Their  commitment is essential to the success of the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club.

Each committee member is personally responsible for a minimum commitment of a $100 eighth-page advertisement in the souvenir booklet and sponsorship of a block of 10 tickets. General and premier blocks of 10 tickets are $500 and $1,000 respectively. Other advertising opportunities are: Center-spread Full Inside Page – $500; Full Outside Page – $400; Half-Page – $250; and Quarter Page – $125.

Development Committee Officers

Robin Britt

Aarti Sharma

Development Committee Members

  • Quen Agnew
  • Judy Armstrong
  • Meghan Ball
  • Judy Best-Person
  • Diana Blair
  • Norma Boozer
  • Jada Boykin
  • Robin Britt
  • Katherine Bruckel
  • Christine Brumfield
  • Nina Caldwell, Ph.D.
  • Johnetta Carver
  • Diane Clark
  • Cynthia Cluff
  • Donna Coble
  • Bonita Cornute
  • Kim Curia
  • Irasa Downing
  • Kara Drew
  • Danele Gilmore
  • Anastasia Gordon-Stevenson
  • Cillah Hall
  • Yvonne Hammonds
  • LaVicki Hart
  • Rita Heard Days
  • Debbie Heintz
  • Shaneetra Henry
  • Eleanor Higgins
  • Phakisha Horne
  • Jennifer Irvin
  • Alishea Johnson
  • Keisa Johnson, Esq.
  • Vanessa Keith
  • Taliya King
  • Rita Mosley
  • Sara Moulder
  • Shalonda Norman
  • Beth Pagett
  • Tamee Reese
  • Karen Runk
  • Aarti Sharma
  • Andrea Stewart-Douglas
  • Susan Stuart
  • Cricket Vandover
  • Stefanie Whitfield
  • Jackie Williams
  • Elaine Young