Planned Giving Council

The Club’s Planned Giving Council is a knowledgeable volunteer group comprised of estate and tax-planning accountants and attorneys, investment planning consultants, banking experts and trust officers and/or
life insurance agents. Learn more at

With the help of the Mathews-Dickey Planned Giving Council and PR & Special Events Department, you can learn more about what it means to give to Mathews-Dickey and the many options available for giving. To learn of some of these alternative forms, visit our Ways to Give Page. Thank you for your desire to support our organization!

Discover ways to make gifts to Mathews-Dickey you may not have thought possible. Many different types of gifts can provide for the continuing success of Mathews-Dickey, and at the same time improve your financial situation through tax savings. Many of our supporters choose to make planned gifts in forms other than cash.

Planned Giving Council Members

  • Todd Buss
  • Debra Denham
  • Bill Fronczak
  • Trevor Holland
  • Jim McAtee
  • Justin Meyer
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Mike Mulligan
  • Chuck Neff
  • Adam Randle
  • Jack Raymond
  • Randy Sanderson
  • Howard Stephens
  • Daniel Watt
  • Michael Weiss
  • Elaine Young
  • Tony Zagora