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Are you a Mathews-Dickey alumni? Mathews-Dickey is reaching out to former members of our organization to share their time, talents and resources with the organization they know and love. As part of the organization’s anniversary celebration every February, outstanding alumni are recognized who have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas: education, role modeling, employment, community involvement, volunteerism and financial contribution. To register as an alumni or update your contact information please call Bill Fronczak at (314) 382-5952, ext. 228 or complete the application below.

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Mathews-Dickey Boys' & Girls' Club is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) United Way member agency that annually provides educational, athletic and cultural enrichment programs to more than 40,000 young people from throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Since 1960 the Club has taught youth respect, restraint and responsibility so that they may obtain credibility, integrity and accountability. For more information, call Bill Fronczak at (314) 382-5952, ext. 228.