October Alumni Spotlight: Tony Irons

October Alumni Spotlight: Tony Irons

Head Basketball Coach | Vashon High-School

“I played basketball from 6th grade (at) Mathews-Dickey…most of the coaches I’ve had that have been influential in my life have taught me to always work hard for whatever it is that you want…and also sacrifice…right now as a coach I try to instill some of those same things in my players”

During the Martin Mathews Awards & Benefit Concert on Aug. 27, Irons was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the St. Louis community and took home the award for Sports Advocate of the Year. He’s a prime example of the scholar-athletes Mathews-Dickey strives to build. As a Mathews-Dickey alumnus and state champion, he enriches the great Irons legacy and continues to positively impact the lives of many youths in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

In reflecting on what he took from his most influential coaches, Irons shares that “If you want to be a champion, and want to succeed and move on to the next level, you have to work hard and you have to sacrifice and you have to be dedicated in whatever it is that you do” and he emphasizes that to his own team.

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