Mathews-Dickey Partners With SC STL To Change Live: Sees MLS As Opportunity For St. Louis

Mathews-Dickey Partners With SC STL To Change Live: Sees MLS As Opportunity For St. Louis

Mathews-Dickey Selected As Community Benefits Agreement Partner

Supporting Propositions 1 & 2 Supports Mathews-Dickey and the St. Louis Community

“SC STL is showing its commitment to our City by agreeing to invest $255 million of their own money, agreeing to a 30‑year lease with no loopholes, and gladly signing the Community Benefits Agreement that we required,” said St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay. “I expect it will be a game changer and become the standard for future development agreements in our City. After our experience with the NFL, the excitement and confidence shown to our City by everyone associated with SC STL, their respect for our citizens, and their passion for the game of soccer are just what we need, and what we deserve of owners who want St. Louis customers.”

Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club is partnering with SC STL to support the construction of a new multi-purpose sports stadium. The Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) establishes partnerships with community based organizations to offer training sessions, equipment and accessories, workshops, and clinics for City Youth focused on developing soccer skills, with such sessions, workshops, and clinics to be held at various times throughout the year.

The City of St. Louis and the SC STL ownership group jointly announced an unprecedented agreement to invest millions of dollars in St. Louis children and their community as part of the proposed stadium ordinance, financing agreement and ballot measure on April 4.

Mathews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club (MDBGC) President and CEO Wendell Covington Jr. highlights the benefits building a soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis will have on our youth. MDBGC is part of the Community Benefits Agreement and supports SC STL’s proposal for an MLS expansion in St. Louis, Proposition 1 and Proposition 2.

You can learn more about the CBA, the proposed expansion project itself, parties involved and more on the St. Louis Football Club’s website.

Please vote yes for the establishment of a new soccer facility in St. Louis and a world of opportunity for our young people. Help them to know something different than the “Big Three” of sports and nurture their talents and potential into non-traditional sports as well, such as soccer. This new stadium will give them just that.