The mission of Mathews-Dickey is to, “Produce healthy physically active, well-educated and hopeful youth with families at the center of our efforts”. Creating scholar athletes is our ultimate goal as our own experience as well as national studies demonstrate that focusing on Scholar-Athleticism is the most effective path to making college both an expectation and reality for children.

National studies indicate that children who enter sports at an
early age are 15% more likely to go to college.

What Membership with Mathews-Dickey Offers

Through our programs, we strive to assist our community need for by providing a safe haven for youth and prevent them from participating in unhealthy behavior, while their parents work during the day hours, on weekends, and anytime school is not in session. The programs emphasize the importance of interacting with others; encourages self-respect and responsibility to avoid destructive behavior. Youth learn social skills and increase positive peer interaction.

Our general goals are to:

  1. Assist participants with the acquired discipline necessary to retain newly developed skill set.
  2. Supply Children and youth with an improved knowledge base of athletics, arts and academics through instruction and participation in specialized classes.
  3. Offer youth the opportunity to interact with peers and adults, improving their social skills.

Our athletes are 47% more likely to refrain from non-healthy behaviors than the national average of teens not engaged in sports.