Blue Chip Academy

What Is Blue Chips?

Success Through Partnerships

Blue Chips supports collective impact. Partnering with local school districts, starting with Riverview Gardens and St. Louis Public Schools, we’re aligning our programming together to systematically address the issues that preclude school success. We’re offering a supplemental educational alternative for students who have not exhibited success in the traditional k-12 educational system, but have strong cognitive ability, physical attributes, and creative intelligence. In addition to alleviating the academic achievement gap, the project aims to also reduce childhood obesity rates, impact youth adjudication and premature pregnancy. The hallmarks of this program is experiential learning.

The formula:

Scholarship + Athleticism + Character = Greatness. Our Blue Chips Model is focused on scholarship, athleticism and character.



Blue Chip Scholar Athletic Academy


We want to make sure our children can continue to enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment. That’s why our new strategic vision is focused on Scholar-Athletics. With athletics as the core, the Blue Chips Academy surrounds children with the arts, supplemental education, healthy living and professional development opportunities to lead to college scholarships and mold them into responsible, productive citizens.

  • Exposure – An act of subjecting or an instance of being subjected to an action or an influence
    • Scholar athletes are exposed to alternative methods of learning. Scholar Athletes are also exposed to all sporting activities, exercise and fitness.
  • Exploration – The act or an instance of exploring
    • Scholar athletes are given the opportunity to try and select new academic methods and sporting activities that they may be interested. This is the stage where scholar athletes actively participate in everything.
  • Discovery (Experimentation) – The act or an instance of discovering.
    • This is where project based learning/ experiential learning is first introduced. The stage where scholar athletes actually experiment and assess what sporting activity that they may be more gifted, as well as the discovery of their academic and career interests and aptitudes.
  • Decision Making – The cognitive process of reaching a decision
    • The process of narrowing down one’s academic, career, and athletic pursuits. This is the stage where scholar athletes identify two or three academic and athletic endeavors to pursue and develop.
  • Mastery – The full command or understanding of a subject, outstanding skill; expertise, the power of command; control victory or superiority.
    • The stage in which students begin to finalize academic, career and athletic goals. This is the stage where there is full immersion academically and athletically in the pursuit of college matriculation. This is the stage where scholar athletes master their craft both athletically and academically.
  • Transition – Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.
    • Matriculation into colleges and universities, military or career.